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[phpMyAdmin Developers] phpseclib 2.0.8

Michal Čihař
Hi all

Today phpseclib 2.0.8 has been released. As that's library which we use
for cookie encryption, it's pretty important. The release is however
quite problematic for us:

- there are incompatible API changes
- it drops support for PHP 5.5

I've first noticed the API changes and adjusted our code to new API.
However there is also lack of support for PHP 5.5, what is probably
something we can not do in 4.7 release.

I'm not really sure these changes were intentional, it more seems to me
that the release was mistakenly done from the master branch instead of
2.0, so let's wait for them to respond:



For now I've pinned phpseclib < 2.0.8 so that it works.

See https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin/issues/13846

        Michal Čihař | https://cihar.com/ | https://weblate.org/

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