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[phpMyAdmin Developers] phpMyAdmin 4.7.6 is released

Isaac Bennetch
Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.7.6, a regular maintenance release containing
bug fixes.

A complete list of new features and bugs that have been fixed is
available in the ChangeLog file or
changelog.php included with this release.

Notable changes since 4.7.5

* Fixed 'check all' interaction with filtering
* Add SJIS-win to default list of allowed charsets
* Improve detection that MySQL server needs SSL connection
* Support JSON datatype on MariaDB 10.2.7 and newer
* Fixed constructing ALTER query with AFTER
* Fixed changing password on MariaDB cluster

There are several more improvements; please refer to the ChangeLog for
full details.

As always, downloads are available at https://www.phpmyadmin.net

Thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this work possible!

The phpMyAdmin Team

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